Sunday, February 5, 2017

Reinventing Ourselves: What God is Up to Now

Sometimes life throws us curve balls to see how well we can adapt on the fly. I like to think of it as God opening a door we hadn't looked through before, or at least not in a while. Take my artistic talents. I used them through the gardening, but now, well, I am using them in other ways...

Last spring, one of the those curve balls hit me. Or I should say I hit it. Out having some fun on our ATV's, driving along a well known trail, I somehow hit a groove and it sent me flying. Actually about 10 to 12 feet to be exact. Totaled my ATV, but thanks to God, I walked away with a sprained wrist and a few strained muscles. 

That little spill, made me take another look at the gardening business. I had really come to miss my own gardens. During the healing from the accident, I would find myself just putzing here and there. Relaxing. As it should be in the garden. I had missed that. My garden had became another job I needed to keep up with.  

By then I had been doing artwork of various kinds again. And found the more I created, the more I wanted to create! 

That all said, once I was healed, I took on just a few select customers to get back in the groove. Over the years, I totally enjoyed the adventure of the gardening business, the people, the challenges, but by the end of the season... I realized it was time to see what other door God had opened for me via my artistic side.  

The post before this shows some of the wood burning I was getting into a bit ago. I have to say, I am getting so much better! Just like anything else, even if God gives you a gift, you need to do your part to learn from it! 

I so appreciate the garden customers and their time trusting me with their homes landscaping, gardens and just letting me be part of their lives! But now I am meeting new people through the my art work and hopefully making gifts and items they will treasure for a long time.

What's the real point here? For me, it was really listening to what God was telling me. Some days, I am still like, "God, are you sure anyone really wants my work? Am I fooling myself?" Then as always God is faithful! And I'll get a text or an email, or a Facebook Message "Can you make me -----?" Love those notes!

 And who knows, God might change his mind tomorrow, but for today... I am going to focus on this artwork path he has led me down.

I am also hoping to begin writing a bit more in this blog. But I will see. I hadn't planned to write this one! (So yes, I am asking, God, "What are you up too?")

Anyhow, stop on by if you get a chance. And if you want to check out more of my work Follow me on Instagram or Twitter or visit my Facebook group: Designs By Brenda @ On the Right Path. Or check out my Etsy shop.

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